Homeless Dispute Resolution




    Dispute Resolution (722(g)(1)(C) of the McKinney-Vento Act)

    The LEA homeless liaison will handle disputes concerning eligibility, school selection, or the enrollment in school for homeless students or youth. During the dispute, homeless children or youth must be enrolled and fully participating in school activities as well as receive transportation, if requested, to the school in which the parent/guardian or unaccompanied homeless youth seeks enrollment during the dispute. LEA liaisons will carry out the dispute resolution procedures as quickly as possible after receiving notice of a dispute.

    MO-DESE recommends that LEAs use the following dispute resolution process when a dispute arises regarding the education of a homeless child or youth:

    • LEA Level—Every effort must be made to resolve the complaint or dispute at the LEA level before it is brought to MO-DESE. It is the responsibility of the LEA to inform the complainant of the LEA’s Complaint Resolution procedure when a question arises concerning the education of a homeless child or youth.
    1. Notify the LEA’s homeless liaison. The homeless liaison serves as the intermediary between the homeless child and the school the child attends.
      1. The parent/guardian or homeless youth shall request a copy of or access to the LEA’s policies addressing the education of homeless children and youths and review them.
      2. The parent/guardian must make an appointment with the homeless liaison to discuss the complaint.
      3. If the dispute is not resolved after the initial discussion with the LEA’s homeless liaison, the complainant can file a complaint in writing to the LEA’s Superintendent/administrator for further review.
      4. The complaint should include a request that a written proposed resolution of the dispute or a plan of action be provided within five business days of the date the complaint was received by the LEA’s homeless liaison. A review of the proposal or plan of action with the homeless liaison should follow.
    2. If the dispute is not resolved at the homeless liaison level, the complaint may be forwarded to the Superintendent of the LEA for review followed by a meeting with the Superintendent or Acting Administrator to discuss the dispute. The complainant should request from the Superintendent a written resolution within five business days of the date of the discussion.*
    3. If the dispute is not resolved at the Superintendent or Administrator level, the complainant may take the matter before the LEA’s board of education for resolution.