Welcome to the Communications and Public Relations Department

Jordyn Elston
  • Jordyn Elston
    Director of Communications & Public Relations

    Office: 314-953-5005

    The Communications and Public Relations Department assists schools with communications needs and promotes a climate of frequent, open, and responsive communication between schools and their respective communities. Additionally, the Communications and Public Relations Department serves the school district’s stakeholders by providing important information regarding issues that may impact the community.

    We proactively pursue positive media coverage, provide appropriate responses to media inquiries, and manage crisis communications.

    Our responsibilities include communications, public relations, marketing, district-level event planning, media inquiries, website and social media management, parent-school notifications, video production, HSD-TV Spectrum channel 988 content, Print Shop management, and various engagement programs.

    Please stay connected to the Hazelwood School District through our district Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.