Key Communicators

  • The Key Communicators program is one valuable aspect of the school district’s ongoing, two-way communications effort with parents and other citizens in the district. The quarterly meetings are coordinated by the superintendent’s office and led by the superintendent, Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart.

    About the Program

    The Key Communicator concept is a proven public relations tool in use by many school districts across the country. Public relations research supports the fact that the most effective and efficient communication is accomplished on a personal level.

    Key Communicators serve as a communications link among the administration, school board, school, parents, staff, students and other district citizens. Key Communicators should meet with their school principal to develop ways to facilitate communications and attend that schools monthly PTA meeting to report updates. Key Communicators help spread information in a factual manner about upcoming plans and current information about HSD.

    There will be two (2) Key Communicators per school in the district. One is nominated by the school principal and one is nominate by the school PTA. They are kept informed about district news through meetings, periodical mailings, online information and personal contact. At the high school level, a Key Communicator may be a student.

    Some schools select three (3) Key Communicators based on availability, for example one for the morning session; one for the evening session and one alternate as a back-up. Key Communicators do the following:

    • Attend quarterly meetings at which time the superintendent and other key staff share information and interact with the group. Meeting times are offered at 9:00 a.m., and 6:00 p.m. so that the particpants can choose which will fit into their schedule.
    • Provide another opportunity for volunteerism as a school representative.
    • Represent only one school.
    • Attend numerous school district events, dedications, receptions, etc.
    • Facilitate balanced and factual communications.
    • Share information about upcoming and current HSD plans with their school and community.

    For more information please contact Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, 314-953-5012 or