Homeless Dispute Resolution Process - State Level


    • State Level—If the dispute is not resolved in a satisfactory manner at the LEA level, the complaint may be brought to MO-DESE. Complaints made under this process must be signed by the complainant and mailed.
    1. The complaint must include:
      1. A detailed description of the dispute;
      2. The name(s) and age(s) of the children involved;
      3. The name(s) of involved LEA personnel and the LEA(s) they represent; and
      4. A description of attempts that were made to resolve the issue at the LEA level.

    2. Address the complaint to:

      State Homeless Coordinator
      Federal Programs
      P.O. Box 480
      Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-0480

    3. The Director of Federal Programs will inform the involved LEA(s) of the complaint. The director or the director’s designee will gather needed information including documentation and statements of the parties and may conduct an independent investigation through an on-site visit if necessary.

    4. Within 30 business days of receipt of the complaint, the director will inform the parties, in writing, of the decision.**

    5. If a complainant disagrees with the director’s decision, the complainant may, within 10 business days, appeal the decision to the Deputy Commissioner of Learning Services. This appeal must be in writing and indicate why the complainant disagrees with the decision.

    6. Within 30 business days of receiving the appeal, the Deputy Commissioner of Learning Services will render a final administrative decision and notify the complainant and all other interested parties in writing.**

    7. While the dispute is ongoing, the child(ren) in question must be enrolled in school. If the dispute revolves around which school is the school of best interest for the child, the child shall remain in the school they currently attend until the dispute is resolved unless arrangements already implemented allow the child to attend the school of origin.

     ∗ The parties may mutually agree to an extension; however, every effort should be made to resolve the complaint in the shortest possible time.

    ** Although the standard procedure allows 30 business days for a response, every effort will be made to resolve the complaint in the shortest possible time.