• Goal 1 – Improve Student Achievement

    Goal 2 – Differentiate and Expand Resources and Services for Students

    Goal 3 – Enhance Professional Growth

    Goal 4 – Maintain Fiscal Responsibility

    Goal 5 – Increase Parent and Community Involvement


  • Mission Statement

    In a culture of high expectations and excellence, our students will become lifelong learners equipped with 21st Century skills for success as global citizens.

    Vision Statement

    The Hazelwood School District develops culturally-aware critical thinkers prepared to lead with 21st-century skills in an ever-evolving global society.

    Core Value Statements

    • High student achievement based on multiple measures as we prepare students to become global citizens.
    • A diverse staff that is caring, culturally competent, well trained, and highly effective in their roles.
    • Holding ourselves accountable for a culture of excellence with high standards in both academics and behavior.
    • Maintaining fiscal responsibility of the district’s assets and resources while utilizing best financial practices.
    • A supportive learning environment that fosters healthy socio-emotional development for all students.
    • Preparing students with global thinking and skills to make them productive in college, career, and life in the 21st century.
    • Community involvement that drives high parental and community/stakeholder engagement, effective partnerships, and positive relationships with informative communication.