• For all Media Inquiries please contact Kimberly McKenzie, Director of Communications and Marketing 314-953-5005.

    Media Guidelines

    Greetings members of the Media! The Hazelwood School District welcomes members of the media into our schools and strives to provide the most accurate and timely information available. If you are interested in reporting on a story about the Hazelwood School District, please review the information below.

    The Hazelwood School District recognizes the important role the media plays in reporting news and information about its policies, programs, services, events, students and employees. The HSD communications and media relations department is committed to providing District information to the media and making every effort to work within media deadlines.

    District and school news must be submitted to the communications and media relations department for approval and proper dissemination to the media. Such protocol ensures accuracy and consistently proper and professional relationships with the media.

    All media requests to interview, videotape or photograph District employees, students or board members must be made through the communications and media relations department. When requests for student interviews are granted, the interview will be conducted at a District-designated site to minimize the loss of instructional time and disruption to the learning environment.

    Visiting the District

    The Hazelwood School District understands that members of the media will need to visit our schools in order to follow through on District stories. Members of the media are expected to notify the communications and media relations department prior to gaining access to District property. As a safety and security precaution, the media will be asked to sign-in and obtain a media pass in the main office.

    When videotaping, taking a still photograph or conducting interviews while in the school district, a member of the communications and media relations staff, or designee, will accompany the media at all times to minimize disruption at the school and to assist with any additional requests.

    If the issue is sensitive or controversial, the director for communications and media relations will consult with the superintendent or designee. Sensitive or controversial issues include, but are not limited to, the following topics: drugs, alcohol, sex, gangs, weapons, violence and race. If the topic of interview or photography is sensitive or controversial in nature, parental consent is required.

    At all times, the director for communications and media relations/designee and/or an adult representative of the school should be present when students are interviewed or photographed in conjunction with a school or District function. The presiding adult may intercede in the interview or photography any time he/she judges the questions or images to conflict with the best interests of the student or District.

    Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

    The Hazelwood School District abides by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which allow students and parents to opt out of the release of certain information about students, including photographs. The communications and media relations department will work with each school to determine who cannot be photographed and interviewed according to FERPA guidelines.


    You can keep up to date with the latest information about the Hazelwood School District Board of Education. To view agenda items, Board meeting dates, presentations, and other board meeting information please visit BoardDocs.

    Contact Us 

    For more information or to schedule a visit to any one of our 32 school campuses, please contact the Director of Communications Kimberly McKenzie at 314-953.5005.

    Persons wishing to request open records (Sunshine requests) should be made in writing to the following:

    Ms. Kristina Allen 
    Secretary to the Board of Education
    15955 New Halls Ferry Rd.
    Florissant, MO 63031