Be the Best on the Test
  • In April, Hazelwood School District students will take state tests. In line with our culture of high expectations, our goal is to increase state test scores and Be the Best on the Test.

    The Be the Best on the Test campaign highlights the importance of excellent testing scores on the annually-required Missouri state tests. Additionally, it reminds students and their families to start preparing for the tests by practicing math, reading, and writing skills. The benefits of performing well on state tests include:

    For Students

    • Increasing student confidence
    • Additional scholarship opportunities
    • Dispelling myths about the likelihood of first generation college students succeeding
    • Creating a culture of high achievement
    • Attracting college recruiters

    For the District

    • Remaining fully accredited
    • Dispelling false narratives about predominantly Black school districts
    • Remaining financially stable
    • Additional community partnership opportunities
    • Attracting more students and employees

    For the Community

    • Attracting new residents and businesses to the area
    • Higher property values
    • Additional tax revenue
    • Reducing the number of vacant homes
    • Increasing community pride
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