Inclement Weather Instruction/AMI Plan

  • Inclement Weather Instruction Plan

    Hazelwood School District has worked through a collaborative process to develop an Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) plan to be utilized in the event that school is closed due to inclement weather or other emergency circumstances for up to 36 hours of attendance. To be clear, this plan will only be implemented in the event of the aforementioned circumstances. The plan includes virtual content that teacher workgroups created to support the curriculum.

    The goal of the inclement weather instructional plan is to embed learning activities focused on reinforcement of critical learning standards, enrichment activities, or support for further skill development. Consistent practice and exposure to skills without interruption is the most effective way to ensure student understanding and mastery of content knowledge is achieved. 

    In the event that the district will be using the plan on inclement weather days, alerts will be sent to parents/guardians via email, phone, and text and will be posted on the website and in social media outlets. The inclement weather assignment links will be posted on the district website. Additionally, students will access Google Classroom in the same manner that they would every other day this school year. 

    In the event that teachers are not able to deliver content virtually due to severe/unusual circumstances, such as a county-wide power outage, the following resources will be available in packet form, both hard copies, and electronic versions:

    Elementary School

    Packets of six days of work for grades K-5 will be available both in hard copy and online. Overviews of the daily work for each grade level provide a snapshot of the activities. Packets of work are housed in Google folders by grade level and day. Links to the overviews and folders will be posted on the website for parent and student access. Students who turn in work within five days of returning to school will receive a grade from their teacher.  

    Middle and High School

    Packets of core content for students will be housed in a Google folder.  Packets include grade level and content area work through Common Lit, USA Test Prep, and Phet. Overviews of daily work for each grade level are included to provide a snapshot of the daily activities.  Individual elective teachers may assign students work if they choose.

    During inclement weather days, students are expected to log in to Google Classroom daily and complete daily work assignments. If unable to log in to Google Classroom for assignments, students are expected to complete hard copies of assignments. Completed assignments should be submitted either electronically or in hard copy form within five days of returning to school.

    During all instructional days, teachers are expected to be available to students during normal school hours to answer questions and/or assist students individually and in small groups. Teachers should use phone, email, or video conferencing as appropriate to communicate with, instruct, and assist students. Teachers will meet with all of their students using Google Meets daily during the instructional period. Teachers will communicate with parents/guardians assignments and daily schedules for video conferencing. If a parent contacts a teacher outside of school hours, that teacher should reply to the parent via email or phone within 24 hours.

    Parents should ensure that their students are logging into their virtual classroom daily during the instructional period. They should also monitor student assignments and the turning in of assignments. Parents/guardians should contact their student’s teacher with any questions they may have regarding virtual or hard copy assignments. If parents/guardians are unable to contact the teacher and need immediate assistance, they should contact the building principal.

    In the unusual event that students and teachers cannot access the internet due to a region-wide emergency (weather-related or otherwise) and students cannot log into their computers for instruction, the paper assignments posted on the website will be used. Completed assignments should be turned in by the due date designated by the teacher or within five days of when school returns to normal (virtual or in-person).  Attendance will be based on the completion of the assignments given during these days. 

    Parents who have any questions about the inclement weather plan should contact their child’s principal.


Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) packets


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade