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  • The Hazelwood Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Department guides the development and implementation of the curriculum and assessments for the entire district. In alignment with the standards set by Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), the department ensures that the curriculum adheres to Missouri’s Learning Standards (MLS) for each grade level. This involves the formation of committees comprised of teachers, who work under the guidance of curriculum coordinators, to meticulously craft a curriculum that meets the educational needs of Hazelwood’s diverse student populations.

    Curriculum coordinators and curriculum coaches within the department deliver professional development and training in Hazelwood curriculum and provide valuable feedback on instructional practices to principals and teachers. This support extends to the delivery of the curriculum, ensuring that educators are equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively implement inclusive teaching practices. The District’s emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion is integrated into these training sessions, which promotes culturally responsive teaching, and fosters an environment that respects and values the diverse backgrounds of the Hazelwood community.

    Likewise, the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment department employs a comprehensive assessment plan utilizing both state and District-developed assessments to measure progress toward each learning standard. This approach allows for a broader understanding of student achievement and helps identify areas that may require additional attention, especially concerning equity. The ongoing collaboration with teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders in the District reflects a commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring that the Hazelwood curriculum, instructional practices, and assessments evolve to meet the diverse needs of the Hazelwood students.


    Dr. Erik Melton

    Dr Eric Melton

    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment




    John Kitchens

    Mr. John Kitchens





    Director of Assessment



    Dr. Patty Ulrich

    Dr. Patty Ulrich

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction


    Phone: 314-953-5188


    Dr. Jana Schaefer

    Dr. Jana Schaefer





    Interim Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Educational Programming



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