HSD Ambassador

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  • Guidelines and Expectations

    • Value the Brand – A brand is way more than just a logo. Our brand is where the narrative begins. It’s the perception that lives in the minds of the community. A brand is the reputation, quality, personality, experience, message, and unique attributes of the school district.
    • Our brand intersects what we say about our district, how we act, what people think of us, and why we are different from other districts. By having a strong and unified brand, we can shape our audience perception and cultivate the personal connection through the stories we share. It should be authentic.
    • T.H.I.N.K. BEFORE YOU POST = T – Is it True? H – Is it Hurtful? I – Is it Illegal? N – Is it Necessary? K – Is it Kind?
      • As an ambassador, being a responsible digital citizen is a critical role. Aim higher than being just “acceptable.” The line between public/private and personal/professional are blurred in the digital world, so again THINK before you post.
        • Don’t use the internet to vent or take sides. Nothing online is private, and covering a message with “this is my opinion” doesn’t make it acceptable. Never post negative comments about students, staff, schools, or the district.
        • Be Positive – Influence the uninformed. Be willing to speak up on social media, correct false info and lead the way on sharing the good news about HSD.
        • The best way to spread the good news about HSD is if YOU share it!
        • Bring the facts and question the suspicious information that is being shared.
        • Know that “delete” doesn’t mean gone forever. Once you post it, you can’t take it back.
        • Bad news chases the good news away, as it takes 10 good stories to cover for 1 bad story.
        • Ambassadors are expected to positively represent the district, promote good news of the district, and build relationships with varying of stakeholders within the district. Find the good, show the good, share the good.
        • “Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal” – Howard Gardner
        • Ambassadors are expected to be willing to engage others and connect with members of the community. Listening is an important part of engaging. Ambassadors should be both good listeners and communicators.
        • Ambassadors are encouraged to become active attendees of district events in order to get to know our community of students, staff, and families. 


    • The HSD Ambassador Program will train staff to be district ambassadors by helping them to understand that what they say to friends, neighbors, and people in the community has a direct impact on how the Hazelwood School District is perceived.
    • Engage frontline staff in the conversation, and make sure they have access to information immediately, as they are the best link to parents and the community.
    • Outline best practices to utilize on social media when advocating for, discussing, or promoting HSD and/or HSD events.
    • Provide best communication and messaging strategies for upcoming events and campaigns.


    Continue to build relationships with our community

    • Evaluate key communicators/ambassadors groups and deliver messages to them monthly or as needed. They will take the messages to the community more effectively than district faculty and staff.
    • Maintain a high level of visibility for the district through participation in various professional and community activities.
    • Ask for input on areas of concern.

    Continue to build/maintain/establish relationships with the media/education reporters

    • Monitor the type of stories aired or published.
    • Note who is generally used as a source of information.

    Continue to build/maintain/establish a positive social media presence

    • Help share news stories, facts, notifications and more with our staff and community.
    • Follow/Like the HSD social media pages – including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    • Advocate for HSD by contributing positive messages and conversations to various social media sites and regularly interact via likes, comments and shares.
    • Facilitate the social media presence and reach of HSD through posts, shares/retweets, likes and comments on a regular basis on the social media channels.
    • Increase awareness and combat misinformation by sharing up-to-date information through social media.


    • Must be dependable and passionate about the Hazelwood School District.
    • Strong social media skills.
    • Ability to be an influential communicator, ideally through both written and spoken word.
    • Interpersonal skills with leadership qualities.
    • Must have the ability to work independently.
    • You must be at least 19 years old and not a K-12 student in any school to be an ambassador.

    Recognition and Incentives  

    • Recognized at HSD's annual volunteer ceremony.
    • Active HSD Ambassadors qualify for the HSD Proud Pass. The HSD Proud Activities and Athletics Pass is one way the Hazelwood School District says thank you for your support of our schools. It allows active HSD Hero Readers, active HSD Ambassadors, and district residents aged 60 and over to attend any regularly scheduled high school and middle school-sponsored home sporting event, musical performance, or theatrical event free of charge. Additionally, all Proud Pass holders will be allotted one free food item and one free drink per event. 

    If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity to become an HSD Ambassador, email Travis Green: tgreen1@hazelwoodschools.org