Strategic Campaigns

  • The district has launched two strategic communication campaigns and reinvested in an already award-winning campaign. The No Guns in School, Be the Best on the Test, and Help Hazelwood Get Healthy campaigns will empower stakeholders and encourage our entire learning community to take specific actions to support HSD schools.

    • No Guns in School is a strategic safety communication campaign that promotes safe school environments free of guns.
    • Be the Best on the Test is a strategic academic communication campaign that illustrates the benefits of improving state test scores.  
    • Help Hazelwood Get Healthy is an award-winning strategic public health communication campaign aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19.
    • Manners Matter is a strategic informational campaign designed to share the importance of manners, respect, and communication skills.

    Future campaign elements will include videos, billboards, posters, t-shirts, masks, notebooks, backpacks, campaign events, student incentive programs, radio/newspaper advertisements, and social media contests. District and building-level procedures that address school safety, academic achievement, and COVID-19 mitigation have already been implemented.

    The success of each campaign depends on buy-in and participation from all stakeholders. With that in mind, the district has created web pages for each campaign that include supporting materials. Please visit each campaign web page linked below, review the materials on the pages, and apply the information.

    Click the relevant image below to visit each campaign page. 

    No Guns in School


    Be the Best on the Test


    Help Hazelwood Get Healthy

    Manners Matter