• For all Media Inquiries please contact the Communications and Public Relations Department.

    Jordyn Elston, Director of Communications and Public Relations:  314-953-5005

    The Hazelwood School District (HSD) recognizes the important role the media plays in reporting news and information about its students, teachers, staff, educational programs, and services. The Hazelwood School District’s Communication Department assists the media by providing information about the District in an accurate and timely manner.

    Media Requests

    Media who are interested in filming, photographing or interviewing Hazelwood School District students, staff members, or board members are asked to make a request through the Communications Department at 314-953-5005. 

    Photographing or Interviewing Students          
    The Hazelwood School District operates in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This law allows students and parents to opt-out of the release of certain information about students, including photographs. The Communications Department will work with each school to determine who cannot be photographed and interviewed according to FERPA guidelines. Before taking photos, video, and quotes from Hazelwood students and staff, please verify the legality with the Communications Department at 314-953-5005.

    Interviews with School Officials           
    The Hazelwood School District employs educators and administrators who, oftentimes, are leaders in education. Our staff is prepared to discuss current and important issues with reporters. If you are interested in interviewing, filming, or photographing a District employee or board member, your first point of contact is with the Communications Department. We are glad to help you find the correct resources for your story and arrange an interview time and location.

    Board of Education Meetings   
    Members of the media are invited to attend all open meetings of the Hazelwood School District Board of Education. Media may film and/or record these meetings. To avoid disruption of the meeting, reporters and photographers are asked not to approach board members, guest speakers, or members of the audience in the board room during the meeting. Interviews must be conducted outside the boardroom. Copies of the board agenda, informational items, and other meeting materials are available on the counter in the rear of the boardroom or accessed from the District’s website under Board of Education and Board Docs.

    Emergencies/School Crisis

    It is the District’s practice to work as cooperatively as possible to supply timely information to the media in an emergency and its impact on students, teachers, or staff members, provided the release of information does not jeopardize the emergency response activities, or conflict with federal privacy laws, the well-being of students or employees, or the concerns of families. During an emergency, the media will not be allowed inside the affected school building(s). Media will be assigned to a designated external area at the site of the emergency to allow full access to the site by emergency response teams. 

    During an emergency, all media calls are referred to the Communications Department to allow the crisis response team at the site to give full attention to relief efforts. The District will work as quickly as possible to provide accurate information to the media through a spokesperson, written releases, or news briefing. 

    Board of Education Documents

    To view Board meeting dates, agendas, presentations, or other board meeting materials, please visit "About Us" and then BoardDocs.

    Contact Us

    For additional information please contact Jordyn Elston, Director of Communications and Public Relations, at 314-953-5005.

    Open Records/Sunshine Requests

    Persons wishing to request open records (Sunshine requests) should be made in writing to the following:

    Ms. Kristina Allen 
    Secretary to the Board of Education
    15955 New Halls Ferry Rd.
    Florissant, MO 63031