• How can I get involved?

    Attend a session! Sessions typically start after Labor Day, and the district will communicate to families about upcoming events. You can also view our Parent U Calendar of Events page to see what sessions are coming up. 

    What types of sessions are available through Parent U?

    Strand I: Academic Support - These offerings will provide families with information about how to support children’s academic opportunities and challenges.

    Strand II: Health and Wellness - These offerings will provide information and activities to help families build healthy lifestyles.

    Strand III: Social Issues - These offerings will focus on topics that assist families in raising children in the 21st century.

    By attending a Parent U session on a topic of their choice, families learn ways in which they can help further their children’s social, economic, and academic development. Together, schools, families, and communities can raise the achievement of all students...one child at a time.