Mitigation Strategies


    Mitigation Strategies:


    In accordance with local health department guidelines, Hazelwood utilizes universal mitigation strategies that are outlined below. With respect to the health and safety policies, the Hazelwood School District ensures appropriate accommodations are in place for children with disabilities that align with students’ Individualized Education Plans and 504 Plans.                           

    1. Universal and correct wearing of masks: As of 8/4/22, face masks are strongly recommended to be correctly worn at all times. 

    2. Physical distancing: All schools and district buildings have developed plans to ensure social distancing occurs to the greatest extent possible.

    3. Handwashing and respiratory etiquette: Individuals are asked to wash and sanitize their hands as frequently as possible throughout the day. When sinks are not available, hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the district. Students will be required to wash hands for at least twenty seconds at scheduled times, and always before eating, after using the restroom, and after coughing or sneezing.

    4. Cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities: Shared areas are sanitized frequently by custodial staff. Additionally, sanitizing materials are available in shared areas for individuals to sanitize after use and reduce the risk of transmission. 

    5. Contact tracing: In conjunction with the local health department, the Hazelwood School District has developed a comprehensive system for contact tracing. Contact tracing teams undergo standardized training that is consistent with CDC guidelines and are in place at all school and district buildings.

    6. Screenings: All Hazelwood employees and visitors are asked to complete and submit daily health screenings before coming on-site. If employees have symptoms that could be attributed to COVID-19, they are asked not to come on site. Families are asked to similarly conduct daily screenings at home to ensure students have no symptoms before coming to school.

    7. Vaccination: Vaccination is the best tool available to protect ourselves and those that cannot be vaccinated. As such, Hazelwood stands in support of the strong recommendation to be vaccinated if age 6 months or older. Vaccine and testing resources are continually updated on the district website.