Hazelwood Parent Advisory Council for SSD Parents

  • The Hazelwood Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a cross-categorical group of parents of children receiving services from the Special School District (SSD). It is a volunteer organization made up of parents, SSD and HSD administrators who are committed to identifying and building upon the strengths of all children in the distirct.

    Hazelwood PAC provides a forum for parents to meet other parents and share information concerning their children and resources.

    Many districts have PACs which consist of parents of students with (and without) disabilities and component district and SSD administrators, staff, and teachers.

    For more information on SSD PAC, please click here.

    If you are interested in parent leadership opportunities for parents of students who receive special education services in the Hazelwood School District, please contact Dr. Jana Schaefer at jschaefer@hazelwoodschools.org or complete this form.