Help Hazelwood Get Healthy Winter Contest Winners

  • As a part of the Help Hazelwood Get Healthy public health campaign, the district held a contest to keep students and employees engaged. Students and employees created posters, poems, and videos inspired by the campaign, which encourages people to wear masks, wash their hands, and practice social distancing.

    Thanks to HNEA and Industrial Soap Company, five employees and all the students who submitted entries each received a $50 gift card! Additionally, the posters, poems, and videos will be shared on district social media pages throughout the school year. Visit our pages often to view the amazing submissions.

    Even though the contest has concluded, we encourage everyone to continue to submit photos, videos, and creative content inspired by the Help Hazelwood Get Healthy campaign. Submissions can be sent to


    Student Winners

    Walter Tre McElroy - Russell Elementary School

    Terilyn Zimmerman - Larimore Elementary School

    Ta'Liah Kemp - Jury Elementary School  

    Sabrina Ampa - Townsend Elementary School

    Aaliyah Alexys Ampa - Townsend Elementary School

    Nikiah Gardner - West Middle School

    Mikyah Jones - Larimore Elementary School

    Laila Garrett - Walker Elementary School

    Kyra Galloway-Clark - Central High School

    Khamya Clark - Armstrong Elementary School

    Katie Paul - Garrett Elementary School

    Josephine Sammons-Smith - Lusher Elementary School

    Johnathan Presson - East High School

    Ja'Rielle Pittman - Jury Elementary School

    Haythm Hammad - McNair Elementary School

    Estefania Rodriguez Torres - Lusher Elementary School

    Elijah Gardner - McCurdy Elementary School

    Dalia Hammad - McNair Elementary School

    Cyrani Thompson - Armstrong Elementary School

    Alana Henry - Armstrong Elementary School

    Aaliyah Ewing - Russell Elementary School

    Chase Hill and Cai Staten - Walker Elementary School and Jana Elementary School

    Kevin Burroughs Neeley III, Kiersten Burroughs, Karter Burroughs, Sayel Salman, and Ana Salman - Russell Elementary School


    Employee Winners

    Stephanie Petroline - West Middle School

    Maureen Rusley - West High School

    Kendra Vaughn - Brown Elementary School

    Jill Harris - West Middle School

    Barbara Hild - Transportation Department