District Reopening and Pandemic Plan

  • On Tuesday, July 21, the Board of Education approved the Hazelwood School District Reopening and Pandemic Plan 2020-2021 School Year. The district intends on implementing Contingency Phase 2 of the plan, which calls for all HSD students to begin the school year in the 100% virtual school modelWhen the conditions related to COVID-19 improve, a blended school model (virtual & in-person school) will become an option.

    “The Hazelwood School District plan and its contingencies are evidence that the safety of our school community is our top priority,” said Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart, Superintendent of HSD. “We have listened to our stakeholders and believe this is the best way forward.”

    From the start, HSD was intentional about making the plan development process inclusive and transparent. On June 8, the district shared the Reopening Hazelwood School District Plan Survey. More than 5,100 stakeholders (parents, students, and staff) provided responses about a variety of topics, including virtual school, in-person school, and transportation needs. Additionally, the district held three public forums to collect public input.

    The district has also consulted with public health officials throughout the process to develop best practices for navigating the COVID-19 pandemic during the school year. The consultation has led to the district implementing unprecedented safety measures.

    At the conclusion of the input process, the Hazelwood School District Reopening and Pandemic Plan 2020-2021 School Year was created. The plan gives families the choice of selecting a 100% virtual school option or a blended school option that includes virtual and in-person school. However, based on current concerns about COVID-19, all students will begin the school year in Contingency Phase 2 (100% virtual school).

    The complete plan can be viewed below:

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.