Phone: ‪(219) 316-0183‬


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Arts in Secondary Education from UMSL -English

Mrs. Alicia Mata


I am a Communication Arts teacher at Hazelwood East High.

I graduated in 2018 from the Universty of Missouri St. Louis with a degree in Secondary English Education and this is my third year here at Hazelwood East High! I grew up knowing I would want to become a teacher, and with how much I write and read daily, I knew English was the subject for me. My passion for the subject drives me to help students re-visit their love of reading that they may have lost over the years. I strive to provide up-to-date discussions using topics of interest to keep students engaged.

This year, I have started my Masters in Secondary English Education and am making progress toward a Reading and Writing Certification so that I can bring the absolute best education to the table!

I live with my husband and two children in the Hazelwood District, so my world revolves around this schedule! My recent hobbies include writing fiction and goofing around with my kids. I am a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, avid board game player, Netflix binger, and I play an interactive game with some close friends online called Dungeons and Dragons. I am a self-proclaimed "nerd" which helps gives me a chance to connect with students and encourage them to complete their work, maintain rigor, and cultivate a safe space in my class.


ELA 1: Students will be reading and working closely with grade level texts and improve their writing skills with district assigned blended writing.

[21-22 English 1 Syllabus]


English Skills: I work with students on improving their reading skills by frequent comprehension checks, the use of Newsela, and building vocabulary.

[21-22 English Skills Syllabus]


 Reading/Writing Workshop: Students will improve their reading and writing skills by examining who they are as a reader and an author and responding thoughtfully to critical subjects and diverse media.

[21-22 Reading Writing Workshop]


I am available through my Google Voice number ‪(219) 316-0183‬ or email: Please don't hesitate to reach out to me!