Phone: ‪(219) 316-0183‬


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Arts in Secondary Education from UMSL -English

Mrs. Alicia Mata


I teach ELA 1 and English Skills at Hazelwood East High.

I graduated in 2018 from the Universty of Missouri St. Louis and this is my second year here at Hazelwood East High! I grew up knowing I would want to become a teacher, and with how much I write and read daily, I knew English was the subject for me. My passion for the subject drives me to help students re-visit their love of reading that they may have lost over the years. I strive to provide up-to-date discussions using topics of interest to keep students engaged.

I live with my husband and two children in the Hazelwood District, so my world revolves around this schedule! My recent hobbies include writing fiction and finding things to do during these unprecedented times. I am a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, avid board game player, Netflix binger, and I play an interactive game with some close friends online called Dungeons and Dragons. I am a self-proclaimed "nerd" which helps gives me a chance to connect with students and encourage them to complete their work, maintain rigor, and cultivate a safe space in my class.


ELA 1: Students will be reading and working closely with grade level texts, and improve their writing skills with district assigned blended writing.

[20-21 ELA 1 Syllabus]


English Skills: I work with students on improving their reading skills by frequent comprehension checks, the use of Achieve 3000, and building their vocabulary.

[20-21 English Skills I Syllabus]



I am available through my Google Voice number ‪(219) 316-0183‬ or email: Please don't hesitate to reach out to me!