Public Relations

  • Public Relations

    The public relations (PR) group of our team deals with a myriad of media, including fundraising,  videography, photography, scouting, responsibility of the engineering notebooks, and award submissions. All of our PR members are also active in the mechanical/software department when they aren't occupied with PR work.


    Jennifer Tenholder

    Grade: 11th

    Years on the Team: 3

    Position: Public Relations Director

    Interests: "Computers, music, and law"

    Favorite Thing About Robotics: "Meeting new people with the same interests as me"

    Reason For Joining: "I've always had an interest in STEM. When I came to high school and decided to go to one of the robotics meetings, I was immediately hooked"

    Career Aspiration: Technical Analyst for the FBI


    Claire Adney

    Grade: 1th

    Years on the Team: 4

    Position: Public Relations Assistant

    Interests: ‘Reading”

    Favorite Thing About Robotics: “The people”

    Reason For Joining: “It sounded interesting”

    Career Aspiration: Psychiatrist


    Rowan Wilson

    Grade: 12th

    Years on the Team: 2

    Position: Public Relations Assistant

    Interests: N/A

    Favorite Thing About Robotics: N/A

    Reason For Joining: N/A

    Career Aspiration: N/A