• Valley of Flowers Festival

    1. Candidate must meet the following:
    A. be single. E. be a Junior in high school.
    B. never have been married. F. may not have been a former Candidate
    C. not be pregnant or ever had a child. G. have reached her 16th year before April 30,
    D. be a resident of the City of Florissant. 2017and not 18 before April 30, 2017

    2. All candidates will be sponsored and must obtain their own sponsor. The sponsor must provide the candidates fee and furnish a car or float for the candidate to ride in during the parade. Sponsorship fee is $150. The candidate’s must decorate the car or float, if decorated by the sponsor. All cars except antique cars (50 plus years old) must be 100% covered by decorations. Parade Applications will be given to the Queen Candidate. The applicant must communicate with your sponsor regarding your parade application. All information will be sent to the person who completes the application i.e. Queen candidate or sponsor. This year, the festival theme is “Valley of Flowers Celebrates Wonders of the World.”

    3. All applications must be accompanied by proof of age (photocopy of Florissant Resident Card and photocopy of driver's license) plus one (1) small photograph and one (1) large photograph as stated on the application form.

    4. Applications will be accepted from December 1, 2016 to Feb. 26, 2017 by mail, in person at the Valley of Flowers office, 601 rue St. Charles, Florissant, MO 63031, e-mail: valley-of-flowers@sbcglobal.net or from the website - www.florissantvalleyofflowers.com. Competition is limited to 25 candidates; however, six candidates are reserved for the Valley of Flowers Benefactors (a group of organizations and businesses who are long time supporters of the festival). The Benefactors are: Citizen's Bank, Commerce Bank, Rotary Club of Florissant, Greater North County Chamber of Commerce, Henefers Jewelers, and Knights of Columbus Duchesne Council #2951. The other nineteen applicants are accepted in the order received.

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