The Counseling Department at Hazelwood West offers a variety of services. It's primary service is to assist each student in his/her continued developmental, educational, and vocational growth. Thus, the student receives information about developing positive self-concepts and interpersonal skills as well as assistance in planning and adjusting his/her classes. The student also gains information about careers and receives assistance in seeking financial aid and scholarships for his/her post-secondary education. The counseling staff consists of six counselors.

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  • Hazelwood West High School Counseling Department Resources for COVID-19 

    The safety of our students and families is a top priority.

    Please use the following resources as needed. 

    Mental Health Resources

    • Behavioral Health Response (314) 469-6644 

    • Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-392-3738 

    • Crime Victims Advocacy Center (314) 652-3623 

    • Crisis Nursery (314) 768-3201 

    • Senior and Disability Abuse Hotline 1-800-392-0210 

    • Homeless Hotline (314) 802-5444 

    • KUTO(Kids Under Twenty-one) 

    • Kid to Kid Hotline – Hours 4pm-10pm 1-888- 644-5886 

    • Life Crisis/Suicide Hotline (314) 647-4357 (24/7) 

    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 

    • Poison Hotline 1-800-222-1222 

    • Runaway and Troubled Youth Hotline 1-800-786-2929 

    • Safe Connections (Women’s Crisis, Rape) (314) 531-2003 (24 hr.) 

    • St. Louis County Youth Helpline (314) 628-2929 

    • Youth In Need (636)946-3771 (24 hr.) 

    • Youth Emergency Services (24 Hour) (314) 727-6294 or 1-800-899-KIDS 

    Food Assistance


    • Adventist Community Services (314) 429-0216 

    • Community Helping Ministry (314) 770-2216 

    • Hazelwood Baptist Church (314) 731-2244 

    • Helping Hands Food Ministry (314) 741-4222

    • North County Meals on Wheels (314) 953-6800 

    • Operation Food Search-Hunger Hotline 726-5355 

    • Salvation Army (314) 423-7770 (Mon and Wed 10-12) 

    • St. Louis Area Food Bank (314) 292-6262

    • Sts. John and James Church (314) 524-0500

    • TEAM (314) 831-0879 

    • Trinity Church (314) 838-8820 

    • Urban League (314) 388-9840 

    • Zion United Church of Christ (314 ) 741-1590 (Tuesday 9- 12:30) 

    Hazelwood School District Resource Links:

    Additional Information: 

    Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services: has activated a statewide public hotline (877) 435-8411

    for citizens or providers needing guidance regarding COVID19.

    It is operated by medical professionals and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Information regarding free Internet for students during COVID-19 school closures from Spectrum

    To maintain confidentiality, HWHS School Counseling Department Staff will respond to Parent/Guardian emails

    that can be verified through SIS and respond to students via Hazelwood School District issued email accounts. 

    Students are assigned a counselor based on their last name.  HWHS Student with last names

    HWHS Home/School Communicator- Ms. Allen ( 

    HWHS Social Worker- Mr. Cadell ( 

    HWHS School Psychologist- Ms. Ratcliff-Davis (

    HWHS College and Career Counselor: Mrs. Quain- (

    HWHS Counseling Office Secretary: Mrs. Harris- ( 

    Ideas for a Daily Schedule for Students during COVID-19

    Before 8:30 AM

    Wake up

    Make your bed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed


    Academic Time

    No Electronics! Reading, homework, study, puzzles, journal


    Outdoor Time 

    Family walk or outdoor play


    Creative Time

    Creative play, drawing, Legos, crafts, music, cooking, baking





    Home Chores

    Clean rooms, put away toys, take out garbage, pet care, etc


    Academic Time

    Electronics OK! Educational games, online activities, virtual  museum tours


    Outdoor Time

    Family walk or outdoor play


    Reading Time



    Dinner time


    Did you know that The HWHS Counseling Department has a College/Career Planning Website specific to each grade level? 

    Each site has information regarding Summer Opportunities, A+, Dual Enrollment, Scholarships, Financial Aid, College Planning,

    ACT information, Transcript request, and much more.

    9th grade     10th grade   11th grade   12th grade 

    Students and Parents please check your email regularly for emails with helpful information from the HWHS Counseling department.