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Scholarship Information

Scholarships may be awarded on a one time only basis or have a renewal clause attached to them. If they are renewable, make sure you find out what the criteria is to renew them.  There are two types of scholarships, institutional and private.   Institutional scholarships are awarded by the college and/or university. They can be based on GPA, class rank, ACT score, or any number of other criteria. You usually complete a scholarship form when completing the admission application to the college or university.  Private scholarships are awarded by companies, foundations, organizations, etc.  Check with your family’s job site and any organization they are member to see if there are scholarship opportunities in their organization.  

Hazelwood West receives information on Scholarships throughout the school year.  All these opportunities are posted on the Hazelwood West Guidance Webpage, Hazelwood West Guidance Facebook, Twitter and on the Bulletin Board outside the guidance office.   Remember the importance of meeting deadlines for applications for admissions and scholarships:  If your application requires information to be provided by your counselor or if a recommendation is needed, be sure to make arrangements at least two weeks in advance.    


General Scholarship Search Websites 


www. (Scholarship Opportunities Specific to St. Louis