• 45+ College Scholarships for Minority Students

    Posted by Kambi Harris on 3/11/2021

    "45+ College Scholarships for Minority Students" published by Purdue University Global. This resource shares 45+ financial aid scholarships for prospective, undergraduate, and graduate students to supplement the cost of their education. This resource provides students with both tips on how to apply for scholarships, as well as an extensive list of scholarships and grants. Also highlighted within the resource are opportunities dedicated to specific demographics such as African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Students, Native Americans. The featured scholarships are current and are provided by trusted organizations. The resource will constantly be updated to ensure students can apply to the most accurate scholarships available.





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  • GILBERT BALDERRAMA Minority Scholarship

    Posted by Kambi Harris on 12/2/2020
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  • OppU Achievers Scholarship

    Posted by Kambi Harris on 12/2/2020

    Budgeting can be overwhelming. With so many options out there, it may be hard to find the right fit. But what if we told you all a budget needs is two categories — spending and saving?

    Enter our guide on the 80/20 budget, a less stressful approach to budgeting. Your students will learn what it is, how it works, and if it’s right for them.

    Help your students prioritize saving while maintaining spending freedom. Share our guide and add it to any resource pages your school maintains.

    The 80/20 Budget: What’s It All About?

    Less expense tracking. More saving.

    Get the Guide to Share
    About Our Scholarship

    Scholarship NameOppU Achievers Scholarship

    Award Amount: $2,500

    Eligibility: High school seniors, college students, graduate students; cumulative GPA of at least 3.0/4.0; U.S. citizen or resident

    Deadline: December 31, March 31, June 30, and September 30

    To Apply: Students submit a short response to the question "What makes you an achiever?"

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  • Masonic Scholarship

    Posted by Kambi Harris on 12/2/2020

    The Masonic Scholarship Fund of Missouri, Inc. proudly offers three different scholarships to Missouri high school students.

    These scholarships are available to students graduating this year from a Missouri high school, seeking to attend an accredited institution or higher education anywhere.

    • Masonic Merit Scholarship A $1,000/year scholarship available to students in any degree program.
    • Ruth Lutes Bachmann Scholarship A $1,000/year scholarship for students seeking a degree in the education or healthcare fields.
    • Samuel Smith Stewart Masonic Scholarship A $13,000/year scholarship available to students in any degree program

    Scholarship Application & Documentation

    2021 Scholarship Application

    These scholarships may be renewed by the recipients for up to four years if they meet the continuation criteria.

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