Ms. Annette Adamec

  • Education

    Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

    Minor: Early Childhood


    Master in Elementary Education/Reading Certification


    Philosophy of Education

    I believe every student is a unique and talented individual who has the ability to learn. As an educator, it is my responsibility to motivate and ignite the passion for learning in all my students. In order to achieve this, I focus on my students’ interests, learning styles, and experiences. My goal in being a successful teacher is to provide the support and guidance to help my students become life-long learners.

    Personal Statement

    I’ve always had a love and passion for reading.  As a child, reading enabled me to travel to distant places, meet new people, and introduce me to new ideas. Through reading, I was given the opportunity to use my imagination and experience a wide range of emotions. As a reading teacher, it’s important to me to help my students develop a passion and appreciation for reading. More importantly, to help my students understand the opportunities reading will give them in life.  It is the key that unlocks the doors of endless possibilities.

    That I may care enough, to love enough, to share enough, to let others become what they can be. 

        --John O’Brien