Ms. Linda Buchanan

  • Greetings!  My name is Linda Bachanan and I am a proud member of the Jamestown Elementary School’s; “Jayhawk”  Family. As a team member; I serve as one of the  Reading Specialists.



    Bachelor of Science in Education             Arkansas State University

    Masters in  Education                                    Webster University

    Educational Leadership                                 Maryville University

    Educational Technology                                Jones International University.


    Communication Arts

    Special Reading   K-12

    Elementary Education  1-8

    Mentally Handicapped K=12

    Learning Disabled  K-12

    Principal  K-8

    Principal  9-12

    English for Speakers of Other Languages  K-12

    ETOL On-line Course Writer\Facilitator


    Philosophy of Education

    I firmly believe that when given explicit instruction, clear concise learning goals and  proper educational  support; all students can learn.  


    Personal Statement

    As an educator of lifelong learners, whose future jobs have not been invented yet. I make sure that I encourage all students to stretch out and reach their full potential (SOAR) on a daily basis. True, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as I am the mother of a teacher who teaches her students to extend their efforts, therefore expecting  success.

    “If I had a star for every reason I love my grandsons, great great grandsons and teaching I would have the whole night sky!”


    I look forward to working together with you to ensure the growth and development of your child/ children,