• Greetings, Jamestown Families!



    • Master of Arts in Reading Curriculum and Instruction
    • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education


    Philosophy of Education:

    I believe all children have a unique background, interests, and abilities. Is is an honor as an educator to lead a diverse community of learners. Through positive and encouraging relationships with each student, I strive to create a safe environment that challenges students to do and be their absolute best. When teachers, families, and students work together and are dedicated to learning, maximum growth is achieved. Let’s succeed together!


    Personal Statement:

    Growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed school! My education was inspired by my parents and teachers. I strived to please them by always using my best effort. Now, as I reflect upon my accomplishments, I understand how greatly I have benefited from their dedication. As parents, my husband and I now have had the privilege of facilitating learning in our 3 children! I have 7 years of experience teaching 3rd grade and 2 years of experience teaching 1st grade for the Hazelwood School District, in support of our Jamestown family. Additionally, I am honored to serve God in our community at Halls Ferry Christian Church where my husband is the youth pastor. God has blessed me with the gift of joy and patience in teaching our future generations to dedicate their lives to accomplishing great things.