• How do I enroll?

    Your first step is to call 314-953-7635 or email pat.screening@hazelwoodschools.org and ask to be scheduled for a free developmental screening through our Parents as Teachers program. After your screening, you will receive a referral into one of the following programs.


    Early Childhood Special Education Program

    The early childhood special education program is provided for three (3) to five (5) year old children with developmental delays in the following areas:

    Communication development (speech and language)

    Physical development (fine and gross motor)

    Cognitive development

    Social or emotional development

    Adaptive development

    Speech, physical and occupational therapy services are available to students who qualify. Children are eligible for free early childhood special education services when developmental delays are identified through a diagnostic evaluation. Classes are located at all three early childhood centers with half day programming available 3 or 4 days per week. Transportation is provided by Hazelwood School District busses.


    Title 1 Program

    Title 1 classes are available five days a week at Central Early Childhood, West Early Childhood, Arrowpoint Elementary, Granneman Elementary, Jury Elementary, Keeven Elementary, Larimore Elementary, Townsend Elementary, and Twillman Elementary. There are half day classes for three year olds and four year olds by referral only. Parents are responsible for transporting their child to and from school.

    Pre-School Program

    The integrated preschool program is available for a limited number of students that meets three (3) or four (4) half-days per week. Classes are a combination of typically developing children and children with developmental delays. Classes offer a developmentally-appropriate curriculum designed to prepare students to become active learners and creative problem-solvers and to prepare children for kindergarten. These classes are located at all three early childhood locations. Children must have turned 3 or 4 on or before July 31 of that school year (click on the Preschool Program Registration section under the Applications and Forms tab for the lottery form). Program spaces are limited so students are entered into a lottery which is held each May. Parents are responsible for transporting their child to and from school.