Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Frank

Philosophy of Education

I believe that a classroom should a place that children feel cared for and safe. It’s my job to allow students to forget any outside distractions they may have once they pass through our school doors. I also feel that my students should feel free to speak their mind and grow into their own person. That is why I make it a priority to teach my students to show respect to not only adults but to their classmates and peers as well. I recognize that every child is different and that impacts their learning. I feel that it is important to reach all learning styles in order to help all students reach their maximum potential. Children do not fit into a perfect box and one size does not fit all. Every child is unique and it’s important as a teacher to realize this and make sure that you allowing for those differences.

Personal Statement

I grew up in North County and have a deep love for this community and the Hazelwood School District. This year will be my 14th year of teaching (11 of those in Hazelwood) and my 12th  year of teaching the best grade ever, Kindergarten!  In my free time, I enjoy reading, going to movies, taking walks and spending time with my husband, Mark, and my daughters, Kennedy, Kerrington and Cassie (when she is home from college).