Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Hoffman

Philosophy of Education

I believe that art is an inherent part of every culture under the sun; therefore it’s an integral part of us all. As an art teacher, I am very passionate about acting as an ambassador to the art world, and I seek to introduce my students to as many art forms as I can. My past work as an art therapist further informs my educational philosophy, and I believe that visual art can be a healing and restorative form of self-expression. I often find myself encouraging students to view the process and act of their art-making to be as important as the final art product.

Personal Statement

Before teaching at Brown, I taught art in St. Louis city and have also worked as a registered art therapist teaching art processes and techniques as a therapeutic means for children with a wide range of psychological and behavioral issues. I enjoy living in St. Louis and exploring the city, and nearby state parks, with my husband and our little boys, Oscar and Harvey. If I had to choose my favorite artist I would always choose Frida Kahlo.