• Description:  The Missouri Options Program is for students who are 17 and are in their 4th year of high school.  Students will work to earn their high school diploma achieving a passing score on the HiSet exam. This is a half-day program (2 sessions).

    Requirements:  Entry into this program is by application.  Students must be 17 years of age and in their 4th year of high school.  They must take the TABE test and score at an 8th-grade level on both the Reading and Math portions prior to entry into the program.  These are MO state requirements.  If all requirements are met, then an application will be given, filled out, and returned.  HOC staff will then schedule a family intake and orientation prior to entry into the program.

    Application Process:  After requirements have been met, applications may be acquired by Associate Principals and Lead Counselors at each high school.