Students are important in keeping the bus on schedule and promoting maximum safety conditions to and from school. Arrive 10 minutes before your assigned time and be ready to board the bus in an orderly manner as soon as the bus arrives. Be careful when you are approaching the bus stop; use sidewalks when available. For your protection, as well as for others – stay out of the street.

    When boarding the bus, go as far to the rear of the bus as possible unless you have an assigned seat. Make sure you are seated fully on the seat your back to the back of the seat. You will be expected to obey the bus driver.

    Avoid loud talking, loud laughing AND unnecessary conversation with the bus driver. Keep your head, arms, hands, etc., inside the bus at all times. Do not yell at passersby. Obscenities and profanity will not be tolerated.

    Smoking is prohibited. In case of violations of this expectation, the discipline policy regarding smoking will be administered – including the loss of bus riding privileges.

    If the bus has an emergency, mechanical trouble, or is delayed on the road, remain seated until the driver gives you instructions. If you are waiting for a bus to arrive, please wait until your regular bus or a relief bus arrives or 10 minutes past your stop time before calling Transportation.

    Students are not permitted to sit in the driver’s seat, operate the stop arms, sit on the heater box, or stand in the aisle in front of the first row of seats. Eating, drinking and cell phones are prohibited on the bus. Radios and animals shall not be transported on the bus. No skateboards, no basketballs, footballs, etc., are allowed. No band instruments larger than you can hold in your lap are allowed.

    Fighting, wrestling, pushing, shoving, “roughhousing or horseplay” of any kind are prohibited on the bus or at the waiting area. Students who throw snowballs, rocks, or other objects at or from the bus will be disciplined or reported to the administration or law enforcement agency.