Larimore Elementary Solidarity Statement

Larimore Elementary 

Solidarity Statement

We genuinely appreciate our Board of Education's stance to address societal disparities that affect our community and America. We support the Board and join in their pledge to our community to speak firmly against racism, discrimination, and senseless violence against people,  because of their differences.  We will advocate for our students and provide them with cultural knowledge, creating a safe learning environment that practices social justice and anti-racism.  We will acknowledge and honor all individuals' fundamental values and dignity by embracing cultural differences and remaining open to new experiences and perspectives.  We challenge ourselves and support each other to make a collective impact with tools and strategies that improve access to opportunity and well-being for all children, families, and employees.


As a community, we believe in fostering a culture where everyone has a voice.  Our goal is to promote racial equality and expand the curriculum to include broad and deep instruction on diverse cultures' artistic heritage.  In our learning community, we seek to acknowledge and empower one another with empathy and courage. As we create inclusive, equitable educational opportunities for all, we will continue to practice racial equality and accept all cultural differences.  At Larimore, we are dedicated to creating a fair learning environment that cultivates Anti-Racist practices by recognizing and celebrating diversity.