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Springboard’s Art of Baseball Program Sends Armstrong Elementary to the St. Louis Cardinals Game

Armstrong Staff at Cardinals Game Armstrong Artwork at Busch Stadium Armstrong Student Artwork at Busch Stadium 

5th-graders at Armstrong Elementary recently participated in a residency program through Springboard to Learning called “Art of Baseball.” It is a math and literacy program where students delve into various data points across Major League Baseball; through small group collaborative analysis, they examine everything from stadium prices to yearly ticket sales.

With the information the students gathered, they created infographics to portray the comparative info and develop essential math skills. Those infographics were displayed at Busch Stadium during the St. Louis Cardinals May 15th game vs. the Milwaukee Brewers. 

In addition, each 5th-grade student was given two tickets to the game to watch the Cardinals crush the Brewers, 18-1, and see their artwork displayed.

Armstrong - Cardinals Game  Armstrong Staff with Fred Bird Springboard to Learning - Armstrong Infographic at Busch Stadium

“We had a really nice turnout, and everyone had a great time,” exclaimed Dr. Rachael VanDernoot, assistant principal at Armstrong. “The kids absolutely loved the program, and I think they learned a lot. We're fortunate to have a district-wide partnership with Springboard.”

The program was taught by a retired HSD teacher, Leslie Henderson, and explored all aspects of baseball while developing essential math skills related to analyzing data. Among the infographics on display by Armstrong students were a list of the top hitters in Major League Baseball and a snapshot of Hall of Fame Shortstop Ozzie Smith’s career statistics. 

The Hazelwood School District wants to thank Springboard for their partnership and congratulates the Armstrong students on a successful program; you all make us HSD Proud! 

Armstrong Student at Busch Stadium Armstrong Student at Cardinals Game Armstrong Students at Busch Stadium