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Board of Education School Resource Officer Contract Statement

Hazelwood School District and the St. Louis County Police Department, Florissant Police Department, and Hazelwood Police Department were unable to agree on terms to renew School Resource Officer (SROs) contracts for the 2021-2022 school year due to a training requirement in the contracts.

While SROs will not be in our schools at the start of the school year, our long-standing relationship with our local law enforcement will continue; furthermore, so will our never-ending respect for the crucial role they play in our community. 

We, the Board, are committed to ensuring the adults our students rely on, including SROs, are well versed in how diversity, equity, and inclusion specifically impact our learning community. With that in mind, it was determined that new contracts should include up to 10 hours of HSD training regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. The training stems from the extensive work the Board has done in those areas since creating the Hazelwood School District - Statement of Solidarity. The training would have covered the following topics:

  • Understanding the Hazelwood School District - Statement of Solidarity

  • Trauma-Informed Practices and HSD Students

  • The Adultification of African American Children

  • Language Sensitivity and Communication with Diverse Student Populations

  • The Role of the School Resource Officer in Partnership with School Safety Officers and School Hall Monitors

  • The District and School Resource Officer Partnership to Combat the School to Prison Pipeline

The aforementioned training would have helped SROs better serve the social and emotional development of our students. Additionally, much of the training mirrors professional development activities that HSD faculty and staff participate in year round.

To ensure the safety and security of our learning community, the district will utilize funds that would have been dedicated to SROs to hire additional safety officers and purchase additional safety resources.

Please know the safety and social and emotional well-being of our students is at the heart of all our decisions. Thank you for being part of our driven and diverse school district.


Diane Livingston, Advanced Certified Board Member

Cheryl Latham, Master Certified Board Member

Dr. Zella Williams, Certified Board Member

Sylvester Taylor II, Board Member

Dr. Brenda C. Youngblood, Master Certified Board Member

Elizabeth (Betsy) Rachel, Certified Board Member

Margo McNeil, Certified Board Member

Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart, Superintendent