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Hazelwood Teacher Receives St. Louis Post-Dispatch Teacher of the Month Award

Twyla Baylor, a fourth-grade teacher at Townsend Elementary School, has been awarded the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Teacher of the Month award for September. The award recognizes teachers who go above and beyond what is required and makes a lasting impression on their students.

“I am honored to receive this award, and it comes at a time when things are not normal, which makes it more special,” Baylor said.

An educator in the Hazelwood School District since 2016, Baylor said her favorite part of her job is when the roles are switched and she becomes the student and the students become the teacher.

“Ms. Baylor understands how to communicate with students in a positive way, keeps them actively engaged, and encourages them to take academic risks,” said Dr. Karen Collins-Adams, Townsend Elementary School Principal. “Ms. Baylor is fair and consistent with her students, and she fosters relationships with parents to understand how to create the best conditions for academic growth as well as social and emotional growth for their student.”

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