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Founders' Day 2019 Recognizes District Teachers and Support Staff of the Year

The Hazelwood PTA Council hosted its 2019 Founders Day Celebration Feb. 7 at the Central High School Fieldhouse.

A Teacher of the Year at each school was honored, along with the District’s Support Staff of the Year and District Teacher of the Year.

Ashley Gerald, first grade teacher at Lusher Elementary, was recognized as the 2018-2019 District Teacher of the Year.

She is a Hazelwood Central High School graduate, and has taught at Lusher Elementary for the past four years; she began teaching in the Hazelwood School District in Spring 2007 and taught previously at both Grannemann and Keeven Elementary.

Katie Hernandez of Jana Elementary and Stephani Durant of West High School tied for first runner-up.

The event also serves as a fundraiser for scholarships, and this year, the generous contributions of Hazelwood PTA students and staff totaled more than $19,000.

Click here to view photos of this year's winners.

The Teacher of the Year honorees at each school are:

Armstrong Elementary - Lizabeth Johnson

Arrowpoint Elementary - Amy Williams

Barrington Elementary - Paris Bouchard

Brown Elementary - Jean Goldstein

Cold Water Elementary - Monica Warren

Early Childhood - Stacey Anderson

Garrett Elementary - Toni Grimes

Grannemann Elementary - Jernae Craig

Jamestown Elementary - William Kuhnert

Jana Elementary - Katie Hernandez

Jury Elementary - Kelsey Bodie

Keeven Elementary - Allison Cooke

Larimore Elementary - Angela Turner

Lawson Elementary - Jaimie Wilmes

Lusher Elementary - Ashley Gerald

McCurdy Elementary - Teresa Fiudo

McNair Elementary - Rachel Johnson

Russell Elementary - Molly Vatterott

Townsend Elementary - Chelsea Christman

Twillman Elementary - Sharene Brown

Walker Elementary - Renee Jenner

Central Middle - Cindy Miller

East Middle - Anna Zakrzewski

North Middle - Lauren Chadbourne

Northwest Middle - Joyce Pipes

Southeast Middle - Matthew Loyet

West Middle - Mark Hicks

Opportunity Center - Dorothy Burford

Central High - Patrick Rocco

East High - Cassandra Thomas

West High - Stephani Durant


The Support Staff of the Year recipients are:

Security – Ladonna Vaughn

Social Worker – Carla Sheppard (North Middle School)

Nurse – Dee Davis (West High School)

Maintenance – Christopher Kahl

Transportation – Denise Jennings

Food Service – Christine Dalton (Grannemann and Keeven Elementary)


- Martel Coleman (East High School)

- David Mann (Garrett Elementary)

Teacher Assistant/Building Aide

- Nathaniel Williams (Larimore Elementary)

- Lisa Hackmeister (McNair Elementary)


- Alecia White (District Communications)

- Keisha Jackson (Arrowpoint Elementary)

- Paula Manis (West High School)