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Weather Information

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Clothing and Recess
Please make sure that your children come to school dressed for the weather – winter coats, hats, gloves when necessary. There will be no outdoor recess when the wind chill is at 20 degrees or below. During times of year that temperatures can be unpredictable, dressing in layers is preferable.

Safety is priority number one when making the determination to cancel school on any given day due to inclement weather. If snow, ice, or extreme cold make conditions unsafe, we will cancel school and add that day(s) to the end of the school year. We researched the suggestion of a late-start option on inclement weather days, but we determined the risk to student safety was too high. Families might get caught without childcare or even miss the announcement and have children waiting in the cold.

In the event of school cancellation, we will get that information to you as early as possible through automated phone calls and text messages, our District website, Facebook and Twitter, the District Hotline (314-953-7669), and local media.

YMCA Latchkey/Aftercare Program
If the District announces a “district-wide” school closure, the YMCA Latchkey program will also be closed on that day to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Winter Safety Tips