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District Recognizes Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award Winners

The Hazelwood School District recognized the 2017-2018 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award winners at its Nov. 27 Board of Education Meeting.

Each year, the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Awards program recognizes more than 100 educators from Kindergarten teachers to college professors in the St. Louis metropolitan area who are examples of excellence in the field of education.

Recipients are selected by the chief administrators of their school districts or educational institutions.

This is the only public recognition event of its kind to honor teachers in both Missouri and Illinois.

This year's recipients are:

Armstrong - Cheryl Williams

Arrowpoint - Julie Szczuka

Barrington - Sabrina Wilson

Brown - Jean Goldstein

Cold Water - Monica Warren

Jamestown - Janet Kromraj

Jana - Catrina Davis

Keeven - Stephanie Smith

Larimore - Elena Huddleston

Lawson - Whitney Jinkerson

Lusher - Kimberly Withington

McNair - Jamie Fader

Townsend - Melissa Goeken

Twillman - John Phillips

Walker - Renee Jenner

East Middle School - Samuel Mitchell

Central Middle - Jesse Meza

North Middle - Craig Waddell

Northwest Middle - Kyle Brophy

Central High School - Jacqueline Wetter

East High School - Tirsha Lenoir

West High School - Tim Levine

West Early Childhood - Jennifer Kuergeleis

Opportunity Center - Risa Schoene

Galactic/ ELL - Jean Robinson

Emerson award winners