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District Opens First Two Pre-K Classrooms as Part of Expanded Program

Two new preschool classrooms held their first day of class Nov. 26 at Walker Elementary School.

The new classes are part of the Hazelwood School District's expanded Early Childhood Education Program.

The program offers free, full-day preschool at selected elementary sites taught by teachers certified in Early Childhood Education.

"Students will gain experience, over a variety of early learning topics, through hands-on activities in literacy and language development, math concepts, and science that will prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond," Program Director Teresa Edwards said about the expansion and its benefits. "Additionally, students will learn how to interact with their peers and adults in a school setting...the positive effects of this expansion is that more students will enter Kindergarten with the necessary skills to be successful."

The Board of Education approved the expansion with the goal of opening up to 22 new classrooms by August 2019, serving approximately 440 new students.

Parents who are interested in the free Hazelwood Early Childhood Education Program can contact Program Director Teresa Edwards at (314) 953-7650.

Getting to know new students

First day of class

First day of class