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West High School Students Spend Time with Local Veterans

A group of Hazelwood West High School students paid tribute to our nation's veterans with a visit to the Missouri Veterans Home on Nov. 12.

About 30 student council members spent the morning talking with veterans and joining them in activities.

"I just gained a sense of respect for all of these people," senior Geoffrey Hopping said. "I already did respect them, but I feel this visit added more depth to it, to see what they've been through in their life, both in an out of the military."

Sophomore Shya Prescott sang the National Anthem for different groups of veterans, and even sang it over the home's intercom system for all to hear.

"This experience is important for me and my school because not only do we get to come in and enjoy time with our veterans, but we also get to learn more about their time in service and stories from their past," Prescott said. "I'm just glad we had the opportunity to come and spend the day with them."

One group of students enjoyed their time with retired Private First Class Leon Land, U.S. Army, who served from 1946 to 1948.

Land talked about his time in the service and shared his 1946 high school yearbook with the group; the students enjoyed the photos and reading about all of Land's high school accomplishments.

For more photos from the visit, click here.

Students visit with veterans

Students visit with Army veteran Leon Land

Veterans share stories with students

Students visit the Missouri Veterans Home