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Missouri School Board Association Confirms Diane Livingston, Certified Board Member

Diane Livingston  The Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) confirms that Diane Livingston, Hazelwood School District (HSD) Board of Education director, has recently attained Certified Board Member (CBM) status. All newly-elected school board members must complete a basic 16-hour program in order to qualify for CBM status.

The program established by MSBA helps school board members master the knowledge and skills they need to function as effective educational leaders in their communities. MSBA has four levels of certification: essential, advanced, master, and distinguished.  

“On behalf of the HSD Board of Education, congratulations to Ms. Livingston on this notable accomplishment,” said HSD Board of Education President Mark Behlmann. “This achievement demonstrates the level of dedication that Diane has to serve our students and community.”            

Livingston has served on the school board since April 2018.