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Buster the Bus teaches school bus safety at Townsend Elementary

Townsend Elementary School students met a new friend with an important message Oct. 31.

Buster the Bus visited the school to teach students about school bus safety.

Buster is a remote-controlled, miniature school bus that talks to students about safety at school bus stops, crossing streets, and how to ride the bus safely.

"This is the first year the program is being given in Hazelwood School District," said HSD Safety Coordinator Chris Dew. "Our plan is to start presenting this to younger ages and then build up to the older grades."

Buster has all the features of a regular school bus, including the flashing amber lights and extending stop arm.

The 20-minute presentation makes learning fun as students answer questions from Buster and get on their feet to dance with him.

Buster shares safety tips with students

Kindergarten students pose with Buster the Bus