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Bayer scientists bring hands-on learning to GALACTIC students

Third-grade GALACTIC students learned an up-close lesson in plant science from a group of agricultural scientists recently.

The scientists from Bayer visited Erin Skelly's classroom Oct. 17 to present a lesson called 'From Flower to Fruit' to students.

Using a magnifying glass, students learned about the different parts of a flower, how they develop fruit and seeds, and the process of pollination.

"It's important that GALACTIC students who are interested in becoming scientists get a chance to meet and work with local professionals in the field," teacher Erin Skelly said. "These Bayer employees took the time to teach our students about complex plant processes in a fun, hands-on way. They were very engaging and took the time to sit with the kids, explain things, and answer their questions. Just as important, the students learned what a future in science really looks like."

As for the students, looking at nature and science in a new way made for an engaging lesson.

"It was really fun because they had all these different activities to do," third-grade student Chloe said. "My favorite part was when we took apart a flower to see the different parts. They taught us in a really fun way."

The scientists also taught about hydroponic gardening, which ties into a classroom project coming soon for the students.

Students learn plant science

Students learn plant science

Students learn plant science