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Shalom Community HealthFest serves many in community

Hazelwood East High School was buzzing with activity on Oct. 13 thanks to the 18th annual Shalom Community HealthFest, sponsored by Shalom Church.

The event offered a number of services to people in the Hazelwood School District Community, including flu shots, blood pressure screenings, mammograms, and PSA checks, among many others.

HSD Superintendent Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart and several members of district leadership were in attendance; Dr. Collins-Hart was one of many who received a flu shot at the event.

The HealthFest is made possible by several community health organizations and foundations coming together with the Hazelwood School District to provide services and information in a convenient, one-stop shop.

"When so many in our community are willing to work together and provide these crucial services, it's a win for everybody," Dr. Collins-Hart said. "We're proud to partner with Shalom Church for this event; they've done a wonderful job of serving our community."

"We're just so happy because part of what we want to do is to mentor for physical well-being, mental, emotional well-being, along with our spiritual well-being," volunteer Ketra Collins said. "We are delighted with our partnership with Hazelwood schools...not only do we reach our church, but we also reach our community and we help each other and we help to make sure that the entire community benefits from health screenings."

Shalom Health Fair  HealthFest