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    Students in the Hazelwood School District are screened for gifted services based on their current grade level.  All first graders participate in a screening process in the fall.  Kindergarteners and students in all other grades can be referred for gifted screening.  These tests occur in the spring.  According to the State of Missouri, all gifted students must qualify based on three measures.  The Hazelwood School District gifted program utilizes the following measures:

    • Teacher/Parent Referral/Creative thinking activity
    • Test of Reasoning:
      • Students must achieve a score of 113 on the Test of Reasoning to take an IQ assessment.
    • IQ Assessment:
      • According to the State of Missouri, students must demonstrate an IQ in the 95th percentile in order to qualify as gifted. 

    All students who are screened with the Test of Reasoning will either receive a letter informing parents that no further testing will be conducted, or half-sheet letter will come home with the student informing parents when further testing will be conducted.  

    All students who receive the IQ assessment will receive a letter in the mail informing parents whether the child qualifies or does not qualify for services.  All assessments must be reviewed by a testing committee prior to the letter being sent.