Building Principal - Mrs. Stallons

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    I am thrilled to be a Larimore Lion! With over a decade in education, my experience will help me lead our lion pride to excellence. I graduated with a bachelor’s in early childhood education, a master’s in educational leadership, and an educational specialist degree in school administration all from Southeast Missouri State University. My husband and I have three children and enjoy reading, hiking, and finding an adventure! We have two huskies and a little outdoor cat who keep us company.

    At Larimore, we are a lion pride; a family unit that cares, protects, and works together toward a goal. Our goals this year will be increasing student achievement, reaching a proportional attendance rate of 90%, and maintaining a school environment conducive to teaching and learning. We will reach our goals by providing high quality instruction every day, facilitating a fun and engaging space for learning, and having clear boundaries, meaningful connection, and predictability for students and staff! We are the Lions!

    Larimore opens for breakfast at 8:30 am, and students can enter their classrooms at 8:40 am. Our official start time is 8:50, and we aim to have all students in their seats ready to learn by 8:50 am. Students are considered tardy if they arrive after 8:50. Attendance is critical to academic and emotional growth and success!

    Larimore's PTA voted for Larimore to be a uniform school.  We prefer that students attend school in any color polo-style uniform shirt and uniform pants of any color. There are changes to Hazelwood School District Uniform Policy. Parents/ families can choose whether their child will wear a uniform.

    On-Site After-School Care: Larimore offers Boys and Girls Club for after-school care services. Please get in touch with the Boys and Girls Club at 314-335-8350. Please leave a voicemail message.

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