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    The EL program serves students K-12 who are English language learners.  Students receive services in their school from a teacher who specializes in English language development, in addition to what the student receives in their regular curriculum.  The ELL program intervenes early in a child's educational experience with the goal of ensuring students develop English proficiency as soon as possible. 

    Mission:  Increase ELL students’ English proficiency in social and academic settings, in order to support cultural identity and encourage English development, while maintaining high expectations. 

    Vision:  ELL students speak, read, write, and understand English fluently and competently in order to participate in a classroom, school, community, and global society.

    The ELL program model is one of co-teaching and center-based instruction.  ELL specialists work in the regular classroom as much as possible in order to minimize student learning disruptions.

    Elementary students typically attend their closest elementary school.  To ensure accurate services and meet students' learning needs, all students receiving ELL services who would normally attend Arrowpoint, Grannemann, Jamestown, Jury, Larimore, Twillman, and Townsend will attend Keeven elementary.

    Middle school students receiving ELL services attend West Middle School.

    High school students receiving ELL services attend West High School.