Welcome to Pre-K

  • Welcome to Pre-K at Larimore Elementary: Where Every Child Has the Opportunity to Learn

    Hello and welcome to our vibrant Pre-K classroom at Larimore Elementary! I'm Mrs. Farris, your child's teacher, and Mr. Fry, the assistant teacher, are both thrilled to be your guide on this exciting journey of early learning and discovery. In our classroom, we believe that every child is a unique star ready to shine, and it's our joy to help them find their sparkle.

    At Larimore Elementary, we understand that these early years are crucial for laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our Pre-K program is designed with the littlest learners in mind, offering a blend of playful exploration and structured learning. Each day is a new adventure filled with fun activities, engaging lessons, and heartfelt moments.

    As your Pre-K teacher, my goal is to create a warm, nurturing environment where every child feels safe, valued, and excited to learn. We'll sing, dance, play, create, and explore the world around us, all while developing essential skills that prepare our little ones for the exciting journey of education.

    I'm looking forward to a fantastic year of growth, laughter, and learning. Let's make this Pre-K experience at Larimore Elementary a wonderful beginning to your child's educational journey!


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