• In HSD, we're trying something different with some of our inclement weather days.  There's a new state law that allows us to work remotely and not have to make up time missed at the end of the year for inclement weather.

    In Alternate Methods of Instruction days (AMI) for inclement weather, students will have a packet of work they need to complete.  It must be turned in 5 days after we return to learning from the inclement weather day.  Cold Water teachers will also be available for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon to answer any questions about their assignments.  Below, you can find an overview of the AMI assignments, and the date assigned.

    AMI Day 1- Tuesday, February 16

    There is also a table below shows when our teachers will be available to answer questions.  Stay warm, stay safe, and keep in touch!

  • Teacher Grade/Content Preferred Way of Contact
    Please include the phone number if you'd like to be accessed by phone.
    AM Google Meet Time
    1 hour total between 8:50-11:40
    PM Google Meet Time
    1 hour total between 12:10-3:50
    How can students/families access your Google Meet link?
    Can it be accessed by your Google Classroom? An email sent to parents? Dojo message?
    Schrimpf PK        
    Cutkomp KG vcutkomp@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 am 1-2pm In my google classroom
    Freiberg KG 618-580-6561 9-10 am 1-2pm In my Google Classroom
    Owens KG nowens@hazelwoodschools.ort 9-10 am 1-2pm In my Google Classroom
    Quick 1ST gquick@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 am 1-2 pm in my google classroom
    Wait 1ST await1@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10am 1-2pm  
    Walls 1ST twall@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 am 1-2 pm  
    Cuneo 2ND dcuneo@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 am 1:00-2:00 In my google classroom
    Kiffmeyer 2ND mkiffmeyer@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10am 1-2pm On my google classroom
    Klinkhardt 2ND cklinkhardt@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10am 1-2pm in my google classroom
    Rehagen 2ND jrehagen@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 am 1-2 pm In my Google Classroom
    Davis 3RD Rdavis@hazelwoodschools.org 10-11 am 12:10-1:10 Google classroom homeroom
    Ijames 3RD Kijames@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 am 1-2pm Google Homeroom Classroom
    Knight 3RD sknight@hazelwoodschools.org 9:00 -10:00am 1:00 - 2:00pm email sent to parents
    Probst 4TH dprobst@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 am 1-2 pm Google Homeroom Classroom
    Scull 4TH tscull@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10am 1-2pm Google Homeroom Classroom
    Warren 4TH mwarren@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 AM 1-2 PM google homeroom classroom
    McPherson 5TH- Sci/SS Lmcpher@hazelwoodschools.org and/or 314-467-0013 9:50-10:45 1:50-2:50 Office Hours Google Classroom
    St. Lawrence 5TH- ELA dstlawrence@hazelwoodschools.org 10:45-11:40 2:50-3:50 Office Hours Google Classroom
    Simmons 5TH- Math/Writing ssimmons1@hazelwoodschools.org and/or 314-833-9295 8:50-9:50 12:50-1:50 Office Hours Google Classroom
    Murray PE   9-10 1-2  
    Washington PE awashington@hazelwoodschool.org 9-10 1-2
    Cantrell ART scantrell@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 1-2 https://meet.google.com/uzo-bnvm-nvy
    Mueller MUSIC gmueller1@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 1-2  
    Greenberg LIBRARY egreenberg@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 1-2 my google classroom
    Wittenkeller ELL awittenkeller@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 1-2 my google classroom
    Runde IST 314-514-5419 9-10 1-2 https://meet.google.com/lookup/cls3366rqp
    Burnworth Resource aburnworth@hazelwoodschools.org 9:30-10:30 1-2  
    Genetti Resource        
    Madden SLP smadden@hazelwoodschools.org or (631)388-6015 10-11 1-2 Google Classroom
    Dougherty Counselor cdoghrty@hazelwoodschools.org or 314-917-2826 10 - 11 1:30 - 2:30  
    Kelly Hosty Reading kyhosty@hazelwoodschools.org 9-10 1-2 Google Classroom
    Zabrina Grisby Social Worker zgrisby@hazelwoodschools.org or 314-813-8371 9-10 1-2