• Alternative Methods of Instruction

    General Information

    In 2019, the Missouri Legislature passed SB604, allowing school districts to use an Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) plan on days when there is an unexpected school or district closure.  

    • AMI plans can be used any time there is an unexpected closure due to things like inclement weather or utility outages; therefore, the plan is commonly referred to as the Inclement Weather Instruction/AMI Plan.
    • In HSD, students and parents will be able to locate alternate assignments on the district’s Inclement Weather Instruction/AMI Plan link via the district’s website. 
    • Attendance will be based on the completion of the assignments given during inclement weather days.
    • Students must turn in assignments to the teacher within five days of when they return to the regular virtual classroom.
    • Students who complete their assignments in hard copy form should take a picture of their work and send it to their teacher. 
    • Whenever we communicate a school or district closure, we will communicate whether or not our Inclement Weather Instruction/AMI Plan is in effect.
    • In providing the Inclement Weather Instruction/AMI Plan, HSD students will be able to stay engaged and keep learning with their teachers in the event of unexpected closures.
    • These plans will help students stay on track during the school year by limiting interruptions to the flow of our curriculum.
    • In addition, since inclement weather days count as learning days, they will not need to be made up at the end of the school year.