• Mission: Jury Elementary School in partnership with our community, exists to provide a safe, positive environment focused on creating critical thinkers by empowering minds academically, socially and emotionally to ensure each student achieves maximum growth.

    Vision: We will foster lifelong learners, productive citizens and responsible leaders for an ever-evolving society.

    Value Statements

    • We will place the education and well-being of each student above all other considerations.
    • We will form partnerships with parents and community members to ensure the success of each student.
    • We will commit to implementing innovative solutions while dismantling ideas that are no longer working for students.
    • We will create an inclusive learning climate that meets the needs of a diverse community.
    • We will monitor academic progress in a timely manner and provide differentiated support for each student to reach maximum growth.
    • We will collectively set high academic expectations using student data as well as each student’s social and emotional needs, to drive instruction.
    • We will collaboratively and independently use assessment data, to reflect upon and revise our educational practices to ensure each student’s maximum growth.
    • We will maintain a district climate where staff, parents and community members’ model positive qualities and characteristics expected of each student.